Majority of retails nowadays employ music for customer’s soothing shopping experience. But do you know the science behind this? The music has the power to alleviate the atmosphere but most importantly, it has an influential impact on your customers behaviour. It may attract customers and keep them engaged for long periods of time, resulting in better sales and a loyal customer base.


“Music is itself a brilliant manipulation tool and a motivator in the purchase decision.”

A behavioural psychology theory of background music revealed that:

  • With background music, customer browsed more and spent more time inside store
  • It is an instant boost of happiness and even helps to efficiently manage the customer flow.
  • Tailored music to your brand creates an enchanting atmosphere and can boost sales during festivals.

However, we would advise paying close attention to the song selection and tempo. Fast music typically causes consumers to move more swiftly through a store, resulting in less purchases. Slow music, on the other hand, influences people to go more slowly, resulting in more purchases. But most importantly… “playing the right track for the right mood” is important: It is possible to influence behaviours with music, but the tone & message of the music can either contribute towards achieving business objectives or interfere with it.

Many retailers claimed that in-store music choices can, in fact, encourage consumers to get involved, research & try out new products. The right music could make the setting more welcoming and impact customer purchasing perspective.

What Kind Of Music Will Work For A Retail?

It depends a lot on genre, tempo, tone, rhythm or melody which corelates with your brand. For example, classical music work best for luxury brand items such as premium watch or expensive wines. However, playing classical music at convenience stores creates dissonance, and customers undergoes an unpleasant experience. For a sophisticated in-store music plan, we would recommend paying attention to your buyer’s persona i.e., interest, age, gender, income level, education level, etc. This information will greatly help in determining the right music for your retail marketing.

You need to understand that every song accentuates a feeling. There are songs dedicated to workouts, romantic moments, and relaxing. The music you decide to play should match the activities you’re engaged inside the store.

Does Your Music Ponder Your Business Goals?

People choose brands that reflect their identity. As a result, you must identify the attributes linked with your products. This will help you plan your audio marketing more efficiently.

For example: In general, older people prefer instrumental music, whereas younger people prefer Top 50 billboard charts in the background. However, most new age genres have the ability to attract a wide range of age groups.

Focus on ENGAGEMENT First

Though majority of marketers believe that a good music can boost sales – and it is true to some extent but not all music brings out the essence of your brand. This is because the people taste in music changes from time to time. Thus, you need to adapt to build the right atmosphere. Bear in mind, sales come after the engagement. That’s why you should focus on building an engagement first.

As the business landscape grows progressively competitive, the quality of the shopping experience may be the only thing that could distinguishes one brand from another.

In-store music plays a pivotal role in creating and enhancing the retail experience.

The right song can be a great tool to boost staff morale, concentration, productivity – and a big point of differentiation.


Music for retail may benefit not only customers, but also staff and managers. A decent music strategy would improve employee morale and productivity.

In-store music may be a significant point of uniqueness for a business as well as a vital aspect of the customer’s shopping experience. The ideal music will connect with your audience while also supporting your business goals.

Today, the “customer experience” has emerged as the new battleground for businesses. If you haven’t explored the benefits of in-store music and how it influences customers, then we can help you understand all of it.

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