Whats this "Moojic" business?

Music Management

Drop all those worries about music, sound and seemly songs. Just summon the Moojician! We take Music Management off your heads by creating a 'love at first sight' musical experience for your customers!

Customer Friendly

Change moods according to the time of the day, let the customers select your location, request and dedicate songs and share it on social media! Let them have an amazingly awesome time at your place. Their wish is our command!

Be the latest buzz

Give the power of music to your customers and the news will spread like wildfire. Perk up the place, build loyalty and get good reviews. Oh, but we must warn you, the queue outside will be longer now!

Money Matters

A great package of Moojic hardware + software + updates + branding + music management and more, at a ridiculously low price per month. Certainly less than a dinner for 2 at your place. ;)

The Biz!

Beat The Competition. Get Moojic. Now.

You have the perfect place. The food is yum; the seating great and the service friendly. But, what about MUSIC?.

Let us put the icing on the cake.

Music is an integral part of a place. It perks up the mood, livens up the place and increases sales. Yes, you heard that right. A lot of research done on music in hangouts suggests that it not only pleases customers but also leads to an increase in sales.

So, its time you gave some attention to the kind and style of music being played at your location. The best part? We are here to help you do just that!

And this is how..

Our Moojic consultants work with you to understand your music requirements and perfect your songs by cleaning and categorising them.

Yes, we have our very own in-built technology which does that. We even give you some very cool co-branded communication which is sure to widen those smiles.

Just Plug in and Play!

Connect the aux to the Moojic player and press the start button. The Genie will begin spreading its charm.

Your customers can download the Moojic app (available on Android and iPhone), select your location, view your playlist and request and dedicate the songs they love. And for those who love to sing their hearts out, we also have a lyrics feature!

Spark Social Sharing!

Happiness when shared is doubled! Which is why, through Moojic, every interaction is shared on Social Media, with your location highlighted.

Attract more crowd to your location and get talked about both on the digital as well as real world space!

What's Playing !

This map shows the currently playing song at all Moojic-enabled locations. Cool, ain't it?


Be the DJ wherever you go!